Multidisciplinary Research and Education on Big Data + High-Performance Computing + Atmospheric Sciences

Part of NSF Initiative on Workforce Development for Cyberinfrastructure (CyberTraining)

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Am I eligible for the training opportunity?
A: You are eligible to apply if you are a graduate student, post-doctor or early-career faculty/researcher in related disciplines in a US institute.

Q: How long is the training period?
A: The training period last 15 weeks.

Q: How much effort I need to put each week during the training period?
A: The workload is about 9-12 hours per week like a three-credit course.

Q: What should I submit for application?
A: The application package should include the applicant’s CV, personal statement, transcript, and at least two letters of recommendation. The personal statement needs to address specifically why the participant is interested in interdisciplinary research, the background in software tools and languages, how participation will promote his/her career goals, and how he/she can contribute to a team of participants from each discipline.
    Please prepare the documents and fill out the form at the application page for your application.

Q: Application deadline?
A: Application deadline for Spring 2019 training is 01/01/2019.

Q: Requirements to finish the training task?
A: Attend online lectures and meeting, collaborate with your teammates on homework and assigned research project, submit your final technical report and get approved by your mentor.

Q: Is there a fee to attend the training?
A: No. It’s totally free.

Q: How much will I be paid after finishing the training successfully?
A: $1,500