Multidisciplinary Research and Education on Big Data + High-Performance Computing + Atmospheric Sciences

Part of NSF Initiative on Workforce Development for Cyberinfrastructure (CyberTraining)

CyberTraining 2019

CyberTraining 2019 Introduction

Important Dates


Online Training Structure

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CyberTraining at UMBC is an NSF-funded initiative to create a training program in big data applied to atmospheric sciences as application area and using high-performance computing as indispensable tool. The training consists of instruction in all three areas of "Big Data + HPC + Atmospheric Sciences", followed by faculty-guided project research in a multidisciplinary team of participants from each discipline. Participants can be graduate students, post-docs, and early-career faculty/researchers from US institutes who will be exposed to multidisciplinary research and have the opportunity for significant career impact. Both instruction and research are mentored by faculty and supported by teaching assistants from each discipline. Each participant will receive $1,500 stipend.

In its first year, we successfully trained 16 participants in 5 teams. Each team delivered a technical report and most reports have been extended for peer-reviewed conference or journal papers, and faculty and participants are presenting there. Detailed information of training we had in 2018 can be found at here.

Important Dates:

Deadline: 01/01/2019
Notification: 01/15/2019
Start date of the training: 01/28/2019
End date: 05/17/2019

Online Training Structure

The training will adopt a flipped classroom approach for the instruction in modules 1-10. Participants watch the lecture videos individually first, then work on homework as a team. Help is available at all stages from instructors and TAs through a discussion board. During modules 11-15, each team will present their research progress online and get feedback. Participants, instructors, and TAs communicate online every week on Fridays 3:30-5:00 ET. Each participant is expected to spend 9-12 hours per week on the training.

Who Should Apply

  • Students/researchers interested in interdisciplinary research and how Big Data and HPC techniques can be applied to Computational Physics and other Computational Sciences.
  • Graduate students and post-doctoral researchers / junior faculty who want to participate in project-based multidisciplinary research to further their career.

Apply for Online Training in Spring 2019

We welcome graduate students, post-docs, and junior faculty from US universities/institutes to attend the online training in Spring 2019. There is not a fee to apply to the training program. Each participant who successfully finishes the program and completes all requirements will receive $1,500. We expect to have 15 participants in total (5 from each discipline). Due to the capacity limit, there will be a selection process.

The application package should include applicant’s CV, personal statement, transcript, and at least two letters of recommendation. The personal statement needs to address specifically why the participant is interested in interdisciplinary research, the background in software tools and languages, how participation will promote his/her career goals, and how he/she can contribute to a team of participants from each discipline.